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Join thousands of fleets and get rid of Excel, paper and automate! Control inspections, expenses, mileage, manage tires, drivers, claims - all on one user-friendly platform. Connect drivers via the mobile app and manage from anywhere.

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5 reasons why to choose us

  • Paperless

    No desk clutter!

  • Stress-free

    We monitor your expiration dates!

  • Communication

    Current exchange of information with drivers via the application

  • Savings

    We work for you, you save time and money

  • Mobility

    Everything important always at hand!


Register Vehicles

Regardless of whether you have a fleet of trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, motorcycles or passenger cars - you can now store them all in one place. For your convenience, we offer the ability to upload/download vehicles and documents from Excel.

Screenshot of Movcar mobile app vehicle registration feature

Receive reminders

Register standard documents (i.e. MTPL Insurance) or personalized documents - and name them as you need. Allow Movcar to monitor you expiration dates and get reminders via email or push message so you never miss them.

Screenshot of Movcar mobile app notifications feature







Maintenance & Service

Record every service or repair you perform on your vehicle. Keep a digital history for your entire fleet. Receive reminders for oil changes and other activities - by date and mileage.

Screenshot of Movcar mobile app service and maintenance feature

Stay in-touch with drivers

Allow drivers to access vehicle documents or data and report mileage, log trips, expenses, accidents or income activity via the Movcar App. Send push messages to one or more drivers.

Screenshot of Movcar mobile app drivers management feature

Track Mileage and Trips

Record odometer readings in the web panel or mobile app every day or after every trip. Keep mileage statistics for a single vehicle and the entire fleet. Export trip logs for vehicles into Excel for accounting needs and deduct your taxes (VAT).

Screenshot of Movcar mileage tracking feature

Other features

Drivers and permissions

Keep records of your drivers like: contact details, driving permissions or employment contracts. Make sure that no deadline is passed to avoid stress and unnecessary costs.

Expenses and incomes

Register all invoices, to track expenses, incomes and many more. Keep all fleet equipment and financials in one place.

Reports & Analytics

Store the data you want, and quickly create the reports you need.

Manage from anywhere

Access your fleet account from any PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone as they work on any device.

Fuel Expenses

Register refuel activities one by one - or upload your fuel report directly from Excel.

Upload from Excel

Comfortably upload or download your entire fleet: vehicle data, documents, insurances, and drivers using Excel sheets.

Insurance claims

Receive insurance claim notifications with pictures and signed PDFs from drivers reported using the Movcar mobile app - ready to forward to your insurer or stakeholder.

Tires & Deposits

Keep an overview of tires - installed on the vehicle (front/back), in deposit, status, quality, measurements, purchase date, and many more.

Your team

Invite all team members and manage your fleet together.

Special needs?

Let us know if you need a special feature, report, or we should connect our mobile app to your inhouse CRM?


Voices of Satisfaction

Finally got rid of my excel and calendar notifications! Many thanks for this App!

Reviewer's picture

Jack T.

Love this app! Now I can have all vehicle details always with me and easily keep track of changes. Awesome!

Reviewer's picture

Peter M.

The reminders are awesome!!!

Reviewer's picture

Emilie P.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel at anytime?
  • How do I pay for Movcar?
  • How can I get an invoice?
  • Are there setup costs?
  • What if I need a custom feature in Movcar?
  • Yes.

    Subscribers can cancel any time. Once canceled, the subscription with not renew and you still have access to your data until the end of the billing period.

  • Movcar enables secure online payments with Stripe.

    We partner with the world's biggest online payment processor - Stripe. We accept all major international payment solutions that are currently available with our partner.

  • Invoices are available within the subscription area once the payment is done.

    We create inoices with our payment processor Stripe, which are avaialble in the Subscription section in the app.

  • No.

    We provide free setup, onboarding, training and ongoing 24/7 support as part of our subscription fee.

  • We can create a special feature for you on request.

    We often create special features for our customers. Depending on the complexity of such a new feature it can be free or paid. Please reach out to our office for more information.

Your feedback is important to us!

Let us know which features are useful, which are not and what we lack. We appreciate any comment!

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