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Safe Document Storage

Upload all your vehicle documents and manage them easier then before! Have them always at hand.


We will notify you 30 days before expiration date of your document and continue in weekly intervals until that date. You will never miss an expiration date!

Maintenance & Service History

Keep your historical service and maintenance data in the app.


Store data about wheels and tires in the application, such as: parameters, storage location and much more

Assistance Services

Accident or breakdown? Save the phone number of your Assistance provider in the app and have it always at hand

Cost tracking

Save all vehicle expenses in the app. Track total cost of ownership or category-based costs on dedicated charts.

Services for fleets

All fleet assets managed from one place: vehicles, drivers, documents, inspections, tires, damages, costs and much more. Additionally, reports and communication with drivers. Learn more

Documents & Reminders

MTPL Insurance

Register your MTPL insurance in the app and we will monitor the remaining time to expiration. You will be notified 30 days before it will expire.

CASCO Insurance

Register you CASCO Insurance in the application and get reminder on approaching renewal dates.

Change of tires

The App will remind you about the necessity to change tires periodically! If you use all season tires, you can set a custom reminder


If you have any Vignettes for your vehicle, you can easily register them in the App. When the expiration date approaches, you will be notified to renew them.

Periodic Technical Inspection

The Periodic Technical Inspection is an essential document for your vehicle. You can upload it and the App and we will remind you when it’s again time to renew it.


Many countries around the world request you to have the fire extingiusher checked regullary. The App will help you with this.

First Aid Kit

Be cautious and leave nothing to chance. Record the expiration date of the First-Aid kit and you'll always know when you need to replace it.


Vehicle manufacturers recommend a periodically review of your vehicle. You can easily save these dates in the application and you will be notified when the time comes.

Annual tax

In some countries, its mandatory for vehicle owners, to pay annual taxes. When the date for paying them is approaching, the application will notify you. You dont need this feature? Simply hide it!

Vehicle Registration

All important data about your car is always at your fingertips if you keep your vehicle registration in the Movcar app.

Vehicle Identification Card

You never know when you need the information mentioned by the manufacturer, so you better load the vehicle’s ID picture in the app.

Need a special document or reminder?

Use our custom document feature: name a document as you want and save it in the Movcar App.

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Jack T.

Finally got rid of my excel and calendar notifications! Many thanks for this App!

Peter M.

Love this app! Now I carry all documents always with me! Awesome!

Emilie P.

The reminders are awesome!!!

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