Fleet Management

Generate reports, create assignments, manage claims and instantly communicate with drivers

Manage your fleet across all platforms: PC/ Mac, Tablet, Phone

How it works


1. New to Movcar? Download the app and register.

2. Already have an account? Great! You can connect an existing account to a company fleet!

Fleet Manager

1. Goto: movcar.app/business/register

2. Register your company and create a free Fleet Manager account.

3. Introduce vehicles and documents. Assign connection CODE to each vehicle.

Driver - Fleet Connection

1. Distribute the CODE to Drivers, they will connect with the fleet.

2. The assigned vehicle will appear in their app.



Fleet Manager

Instant Communication

Push messages to one or more drivers. Share vehicle documents & data. Be connected.

Fleet Dashboard

Manage your fleet from one place, monitor situation in real time. Never miss a payment, expiration deadline or technical revision for any vehicle. Easy add new cars and push them to your drivers. Stay connected!

Fleet Manager


Reports & Analytics

Store the data you want, quickly create the reports you need.

Drivers & Vehicles

Create as many vehicles and drivers as you need. Assign drivers to vehicles, vehicles to fleets, fleets to companies.

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