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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what periods can RCA insurance be concluded?
  • Where is RCA insurance valid?
  • How much does RCA car insurance cost?
  • Is RCA insurance mandatory?
  • How to check the validity of an rca insurance?
  • 1-12 months

    RCA insurance contracts can be concluded for vehicles registered/registered in Romania, for a period of multiples of one month, the period between 1 month and 12 months. The start date of validity of a policy cannot be greater than 60 days from the date of issuing the insurance contract.

  • UE + EEA

    RCA insurance is valid: on the territory of Romania, on the territory of the member states of the European Union, on the territory of the states belonging to the European Economic Area, as well as on the territory of the states located between two member states of the European Union. When concluding a RCA insurance, each insurer is obliged to announce the states in which the policy is valid.

  • Less with Movcar!

    The price of RCA insurance is variable depending on several factors: the desired period, technical information about the vehicle (category it belongs to, brand, cylinder capacity, power, number of seats, maximum authorized mass, year of manufacture) and information related to the driver (age , accident history).

  • Yes.

    RCA insurance is mandatory for any natural or legal person who owns a vehicle registered or registered in Romania. According to Romanian legislation, you cannot drive on public roads with a registered/registered vehicle without RCA insurance.

  • Online.

    The validity of an rca insurance can be checked at the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Insurers in Romania, on the website https://www.aida.info.ro/polite-rca

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