Meet Movcar!

MOVCAR is the all-in-one digital platform for Vehicles & Fleets to replace spreadsheets, emails, and calendar reminders. User-friendly and easy to use - with new features added every month!

Vehicles & Equipment

Register all types of vehicles, drivers, equipment details, fuel cards or documents and keep them all in one place.

Expiration reminders

Register documents, important events or tasks for your vehicle or fleet. Keep deadlines electronically & get reminders before expiration.

Maintenance & Repairs

Register inspections, repairs or service. Keep vehicle history in one place.

Mileage & Finances

Register mileage, expenses or income generated from vehicles and create statistics and reports when needed. Upload your fuel reports for detailed consumption tracking. Multiple currencies supported.

Mobile App for drivers

Allow drivers to access vehicle or fleet documents via the app. Send In-App messages to one or more drivers and receive claim files directly from the place of accident. Collect data like mileage, expenses, or income - generated by your employees!