About Movcar

Movcar is an all-in-one digital platform designed to help small fleet owners manage and track fleet activities in one place.

The platform offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for fleet owners, who can save time and money by avoiding physical documents and papers.

How does Movcar work?

Movcar is a web and mobile platform that provides tracking and management for all fleet activities in one place.

Users can register vehicles, drivers, tires, invoices, track expenses, maintenance, mileage, and more. In addition, users can store and manage documents in digital format, and receive notifications about document expiration, payments or any other event or document created to order.

Movcar is easy to use and can be accessed from any device.


Movcar has many advantages for small fleet owners:

The platform helps to save time and money by avoiding physical documents and papers.

Users can track expenses, maintenance and other activities, which can help plan and reduce costs.

Users can also receive notifications about document expiration and store documents digitally, which can help reduce the risk of document loss or damage.

The platform also provides remote access to fleet data, so users can access their fleet account from any device.
There are three pricing plans available, including a free plan, a Premium plan, and a Corporate plan. The free plan allows users to test all features of the app for a single vehicle. The Premium plan, which costs 0.5 EUR per vehicle per month, allows users to register and manage an unlimited number of vehicles. The Corporate plan, which costs 1 EUR per vehicle per month, is best for companies that require integrations and individual solutions at an advanced level.


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