Bankruptcy of EuroINS

Euroins entered bankruptcy proceedings on June 9, 2023 1. All Euroins policies expire on December 7, 2023 2. Starting from December 8, 2023, there must be another policy to be insured 2. The money for the period remaining uninsured from December 8 until the expiration date on the policy is recovered from FGA 2. After December 8, the procedure will be more simplified 2.

In order to recover the insurance premiums owed by Euroins, for the period in which the risk was not covered, as a result of the termination of the insurance contracts, it will be necessary to submit a payment request to FGA 1. Persons who have not received the notification of the opening of the Euroins bankruptcy can still submit a debt declaration, according to law 1.

For more information, we recommend you consult the ASF guide related to Euroins 2.


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