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Digital Vehicle Assistant

Receive notifications before expiration of compulsory Insurance, Tech Revision, Vignette, or any other car document and never pay a fine!

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Safe Document Storage

Upload all your vehicle documents and have them always at hand.

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Services for fleets

Manage documents, maintenance history, tires, insurances, claims, taxes and inspections - all from one place. Generate reports, tasks and communicate with drivers instantly.

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See status overview of documents and remaining time until expiration date - for each vehicle separately.

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You will be notified 30 days before the expiration of your document and then again in weekly intervals until that date. You will never miss an important date!

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Reporting of claims

In case of an accident, get the necessary assistance throughout the claims process and prepare the file for your insurance company in just 2 minutes!

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Quick Payments

Pay quickly for services like: parking, bridges, vignettes with SMS. Services depending on country availability.

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Keep track of your maintenance history

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Towing services

In case you need towing services, order them directly from the app.

Documents and Reminders

  • Car Icon

    MTPL Insurance

    Lack of valid Motor Third-party Liability insurance (MTPL) will put you in serious trouble. The application takes care of it for you and will not let you forget to renew your policy.

  • Car Icon

    CASCO Insurance (MOD)

    Have a CASCO or Motor-Own Damage insurance? Register it, get reminders on approaching renewal dates and prepare claim files easily.

  • Change Tires Icon

    Change of tires

    If you wish, to receive reminders when it's time to change tires – done! If not, or you use all-season tires, simply turn off this option.

  • Car vignette Icon


    Register Vignettes easily. Get notifications when close to the expiration date.

                    Periodic car examinations Icon

    Periodic Technical Inspection

    Register your Periodic Technical Inspection certificate and receive reminders when it’s again time to renew.

  • Extinctor Icon


    In many countries around the world, it's mandatory to have the fire extinguisher checked regularly. We will help you to keep track of that.

  • First Aid Kit Icon

    First Aid Kit

    Record the expiration date of the First-Aid kit and you'll always know when to replace it.

  • Revision Icon

    Technical review

    Manufacturers recommend a regular checkup of your vehicle. Upload all details and you will be notified when to schedule the next maintenance. Save notes, invoices, repair documents and many more.

  • Tax Paying Icon

    Annual tax

    In many countries, vehicle or road taxes are mandatory. Set reminders accordingly to your needs and..... relax. Don't need this? Simply hide it!

  • Registration document Icon

    Vehicle Registration

    All important data about your car is always at your fingertips if you keep your vehicle registration in the app.

  • Car Book Icon

    Vehicle Identification Card

    Save the vehicle manufacturing details (vehicle ID) in the app and use them whenever needed.

  • Question mark Icon

    Something missing?

    Need a special document or reminder? Add up to 4 documents of your choice! Name them as you wish.

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Our users about Movcar

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    Jack T.

    Now I can pay easily via SMS and dont need to remember the numbers or contents of the message! The app does it for me! That’s so easy!

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    Peter M.

    It's amazing how no one has thought about this before. Keeping all the documents of the car in a safe place and access them wherever you are, is getting rid of a lot of headaches.

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    Emilie P.

    I heard about the application from a colleague. My husband is quite disorganized and sometimes forgets to prolong the technical checkup or even insure the car! As of now, no more excuses!

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